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Thor's Hammer

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Formation Thor's Hammer

Describing the Germanic gods, Tacitus* mentions a Herculean figure called Thor. Into the Middle Ages, Thor's hammer was a symbol of fertility. Even today, goods at auction "come under the hammer". Thor's hammer was depicted in Neolithic rock drawings, and surprisingly, its form is also encountered in the cross-sections of train rails.

The Formation Thor's Hammer was created during the renovation of the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK). The entrance hall was turned into a walk-in sculpture, which enabled the visitors to follow the process of creation. When the work was finished, the entrance to the museum had been changed, allowing the threshold and staircase to be experienced in a whole new way.

* Publius Cornelius Tacitus (50 to 116 A.D.), Roman historian and consul. The Roman's understanding of Germanic mythology was strongly influenced by their own religious traditions. Therefore, because certain parallels were perceived between the two, Thor was equated with Hercules.

Formation Thor's Hammer
Formation Thor's Hammer, 1990
General view, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

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